The InUni Philosophy
Growth Strategy in Action

Through our wide international reach in terms of global marketing, business development agents & partners, across countries; technology platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Power BI, and well-defined processes; we connect students and universities to educational opportunities at universities, across the globe through optimised and continuously refining infrastructure.

Dual-End Services

At InUni, our primary focus is to simplify the processes for universities and the students and enable them to fulfil their higher purpose.

We work closely with our university partners and students by offering dual-end services – from devising ROI-driven marketing strategies for our University partners to assisting the students in Visa and admission processes.

Service to Institutions

Ready Applications

Agents assist through the application process and educate students on their options.

Market Insights

Strategic insights into market dynamics and introductions. Assistance with Product Development.


Agents advertise on behalf of institutions and build their brands.

Service to Students

Ready Applications

Agents assist through the application process and educate students on their options.

Assisting W/Visa

This is important as a student without a visa is unable to start.


Agents act as the Liaison with the institution or in this case GUS.

Our Dual-End Services are developed to leverage the 3Ps,

Strategic Team

Armed with years of rich experience specialising in marketing, admissions, and processes, our senior team brings their astute understanding of different geographies, target audience, people, and insights.

International Operations Team

We designate a well-trained set of dedicated team members who represent your university in the international market and drive recruitments, as your International Sales & Marketing team.
We have well-established processes, which reduce the operational time of processing, once we start working for you.

Student Recruitment Service

Our single-minded purpose is to create the best outcomes for students and the universities. So, we work closely with our University partner to create a strong and shared message to take to the global education market through relevant channels, on their behalf.

From the initial marketing to enquiry, from advisory to admission review and finally up to the completed application stage, where InUni will refer only the qualified and screened application to the partner.

This entire process is seamlessly managed and monitored by the InUni team.

International Marketing

PPC, SEO & Social Media, bespoke events, agencies

Programme Consultants

Globally placed international student advisory teams

Business Development & Recruitment Agencies

Work with external recruitment agencies around the world

Academic Progression Partnerships

Vast global network with schools, colleges, and universities for articulation opportunities

Admission Support

Provide a complete review of the application file and University partner to approve academic decisions

Marketing Strategy
After identifying the university's USPs, demographics of the potential students and highlights of the country of campus, we devise marketing strategies that are ROI-driven and help us increase the university's presence and diversity.
Our Thinking Process
Brand Positioning
Recruiting High
Calibre Students
Target Markets
Assessing Strengths
of the Country of Campus
University USPs

Technology Platforms

  • Facial Match Software
  • Identity Verification Software
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